New School Year = New Food Options

Welcome back Poly!

Campus Dining‘s got some updates for you:


That’s a lot to choose from! Where do I even start?

Pay attention!; Image by Chloe Janda

Pay attention!; Image by Chloe Janda

1. First Lesson: Stay Updated

Campus Dining has a Twitter! Follow them here and stay up to date on deals, restaurant hours, and any other important info for your day on campus.

Walk Around! Campus food advertisements are everywhere, just make sure to look up from your phone every so often and keep walking! It’s good for you, and more explorations lead to more discoveries.

2. Stick with Necessity

The Avenue (menu) & VG’s Cafe (menu) provide the best range of options for cuisine and beverages to satisfy whatever craving you may have.

Adapt to your schedule: 3 hour lab coming up? Grab something high in protein and a decent amount of carbohydrates (ie: bread, rice, tortilla) to tide you over, like Einstein Bro’s Tasty Turkey Sandwich. Their website even has a nutrition calculator that shows all the nutrition facts for every menu item.

The Avenue; Image by Chloe Janda

The Avenue; Image by Chloe Janda

3. Fixing the Energy Crisis

“I used to work at a Starbucks at home, so I definitely end up buying that the most on campus because I know it so well and because I know exactly what I want or need. But without my employee discount, I’m starting to really break the bank.” -Rachel Hughes, junior journalism major

A Hearty Breakfast Sandwich; Image by Chloe Janda

A Hearty Breakfast Sandwich; Image by Chloe Janda

My next post will go more extensively  into the restaurant and menu options for energy & caffeine on campus, but the basics are:

  • In the AM: warmth in your mouth warms up your brain!
  • Oatmeal is an easy, microwavable, and filling breakfast option. Jamba Juice has oatmeal available every morning & in the winter, it’s only $1 on Wednesdays
  • Stick with the cup of joe: it averages to 5 calories a cup, where as a Frappucino is at least 370 calories and around 60 grams of sugar.
  • If you can’t do coffee, invest in a tea collection. Many teas, like English Breakfast, still have caffeine and only require hot water and a cup. You can bring your own cup and use the microwaves in the library or Campus Market. Or, if you’ve got access to the labs, boil some water!

4. Avoid Sugar

-Yes, its delicious! Its supposed to be. It also rushes through our bloodstream and produces rapid energy and an even faster crash.

Tara Thornton, a junior environmental engineering major, said, “I never plan on buying food on campus unless I’m literally there from dawn til’ dusk, but sometimes I’ll see a soda machine and be like ‘damn, that sounds so good right now’, and I end up buying it when I know I don’t need it.”

Soda Pop Can; Image by

Soda Pop Can; Image by

SODA: the devil’s juice. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it is not good for you, and really shouldn’t be considered a beverage. It is essentially, and should be considered, liquid candy. This article on the Daily Infographic describes the actual long term effects that soda will have on your body.

*keep in mind*: Rewarding yourself is good and healthy. One Frappucino after you aced your midterm isn’t going to kill you. One every Monday morning just might.

-If you just cannot live without soda, try only drinking it on the weekends. If you like to party– use it to make mixed drinks or as a chaser; If not– use it as a means of motivation for whatever your doing. Finish a math problem? Take a sip of Root Beer.

5. Don’t Bring Back That Freshman Fifteen! 

-You’re not the confused former high school kid anymore, don’t keep eating like one!

Avoid the cheaply made fast food. Grease may be yummy but it doesn’t sit well in your tummy!

-Listen to mom, eat all your fruits and vegetables! They do a body good. Try to challenge yourself by getting multiple servings each week but keep it varying so your taste buds stay interested! Kale one day, carrots the next!

Easy Servings: Jamba Juice’s Fresh Squeezed Orange/Carrot Juice provides an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, and beta-Carotene and just tastes like orange juice! And if you don’t like it, Jamba has a goodness guarantee anyways so you can get a replacement.

Fresh Fruit in Campus Market; Image by Chloe Janda

Fresh Fruit in Campus Market; Image by Chloe Janda

Start cooking! Whether its as simple as boiling pasta and slapping on some pesto, home/freshly made food is the best for you because you know exactly what you are eating.

Follow these 5 simple guidelines and you’ll feel more confident in your campus food choices and feel more energized throughout your day! Just keep it simple!


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